Owner/Head Trainer

Kismet Sporthorses is owned and operated by Lindsay Cooper. Lindsay is a USDF Silver Medalist with many years of experience developing young horses and bringing them up the levels for their owners to compete as well as to market and sell to their next outstanding home. She utilizes her knowledge of  the classical principles in order to improve the horse's quality of gait, strength, and suppleness as well as develop riders to be just as capable as their horses. Through this philosophy, Kismet Sporthorses has enjoyed great success both in the show ring as well as at home.

In addition to her formal riding and training education, Lindsay attended a small university in Fulton, MO graduating in 2007 with her Bachelor of Equestrian  Sciences. Since graduating, Lindsay has focused on her continuing education as a dressage trainer by selectively training with very accomplished clinicians such as Jessica Jo "JJ" Tate, Whit Watkins, Katrina "Katie" Hiller, Benjamin Pfabe, and many others.

A very large part of the training philosophy here at Kismet, is that "training" does not start when you get in the saddle or end when you dismount. We treat and manage the whole horse both as a living creature and as an athlete. In order to do this to an exemplary standard, it is necessary to work with a team of professionals to monitor and care for each element of the horse's well being. Please visit our Affiliates page to learn more about each practitioner.


Barn Manager

Our Barn Manager, Emily Gee, has been with Kismet Sporthorses since 2015. With her previous experience as a veterinary technician, Emily has an eye for detail and a great aptitude for managing all of the aspects of an active training barn. She is immensely empathetic towards the horses and is invaluable in maintaining a very structured, organized environment for both the horses and their owners. The horses and owners all simply love her and she is an invaluable asset to the Team!