Outstanding foals start with an eye for quality breeding.

A good brain, rideability, conformation, and quality of character coupled with a distinct vision for intentionally matching desirable traits is the foundation of the Kismet breeding program.

Every owner's goal is different. But no matter the goal, the buying process- and who you work with- matters.

Lindsay Cooper's expert eye for breeding star pupils continue to elevate the growing desire for homebred warmbloods in the US. Why import when you can bring home a Europe-quality mount from the States?

With a detailed focus on a solid brain, rideability and heart, the Kismet Sporthorses breeding program has consistently produced quality foals with FEI quality gaits, balanced conformation, and very Amateur friendly temperaments. Without fail, every foal produced has had a "pocket pony" personality and leaves each visitor with a lasting impression of sweet, confidence. 

When purchasing from Kismet Sporthorses, you can rest assured that high quality breeding meets high quality horsemanship. Kismet foals are introduced to the world tactfully and compassionately from day one, and are brought up with the utmost care and training. We believe strongly in raising our foals with as much turnout and socialization as possible in order to help ensure proper physical and mental/emotional development. We believe this helps support long term longevity for soundness and mental stability so that they may go on to become well adjusted partners for their future owners and riders. 

No matter your goals, your next partner is an investment. We strive to ensure your perfect match meets your needs and your vision. 

We love keeping up with all of our KS foals and frequently receive updates from our buyers and encourage you to visit our TESTIMONIALS page to read what others have to say about our program and process.

For detailed information on each of our broodmares and foals please CLICK HERE.