SOLD! Congratulations to Caroline Sibley on her purchase of this lovely mare! I've known Caroline for about 15 years and it is such a pleasure to help her find her perfect match for diving back into the world of horse ownership. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect owner for this sweet, strong willed, talented mare. 


SOLD! Congratulations to Helena Greebe on her purchase of Reveille! We're so excited to see Rev moving forward with such a a great program AND she gets stay in Region 9. Love this!

Cylent Alarm- SOLD

SOLD! Congrats to Andrea O'Flaherty on her purchase of Opie! He chose Andrea from day one and I could not be more thrilled with this match!

Coco Chanel- SOLD


Congratulations to Kim and Carol of Cypress, TX! Coco is incredibly lucky to have landed such a fantastic new home showing Carol just how wonderful horses and the sport of dressage can be! Can't wait to see them grow together! 

Silhouette- SOLD

Justin- SOLD

Danue- SOLD

Barcelona SG- SOLD

Rulon- SOLD

Paisley- SOLD

Negasi SG- SOLD